Category: Jewelry

Hetian Jade Biyu Budda

Hetian Biyu Jade Budda Support China Reexamination Jade transparent, fresh color Simple atmosphere Size: 29-30-7 mm 和田玉碧玉佛 支持中国复检 玉质通透 色泽清新 简单大气 寓意吉祥 Size: 29-30-7 mm

Bracelet & Necklace

One of my favorite jade jewelry,  you can use it as a bracelet and also use it as a Necklace.

XinJiang Hetian Bangle

Hetian in Xinjiang is famous for its high-quality nephrite jade, which is made up of tremolite. Ca2(Mg,Fe2+)5[Si8O22](OH)2