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Happy Buddha Jade

Happy Thanksgiving 🦃️❤️ Hetian jade and jasper Fine jade, excellent oil moisturization, Seiko carving Maitreya laughing Buddha, Smiled, carved bats on the side, Moral: always smiling, happy and happy Size: 39-30-14mm, Weight: 29.8g 和田玉碧玉【佛引福来】 玉质细腻 油润度极佳, 精工雕刻弥勒笑佛, 笑逐颜开,侧面雕刻蝙蝠, 寓意:笑口常开,幸福如意 尺寸:39-30-14mm, Read more…

Hetian jade sheep fat jade pig

Hetian jade sheep fat jade pig Fine jade and whiteness Simple atmosphere meaning auspicious Size: 22-26-17mm 和田玉羊脂玉猪 玉质细腻 白度一级 简单大气 寓意吉祥 尺寸:22-26-17mm  

Hetian jade sheep fat jade squirrel

New product support 🇨🇳 examination Hetian jade sheep fat jade squirrel Fine jade whiteness level Craftsmanship, simple atmosphere Size: 23-31-13mm 新品 支持🇨🇳复检 和田玉羊脂玉松鼠🐿️ 玉质细腻 白度一级 工艺精湛 简单大气 尺寸:23-31-13mm #玉 #和田玉 #和田玉籽料 #jade #squirrel #jewelry #accessories #jadejewelry #finejewelry #和田玉收藏 #jadecollection #jadecollector #jadecollections #收藏家 #收藏爱好者 #收藏品 #fashionblogger #styleblogger #stylist #personalshopper #personalshopping #houston #houstoncollection #houstonjade #jadelover #jadelovers #jadelikethestone #lovejade #lovejadeddesigns #jadebuyer

Hetian Jade Sheep Fat Jade 14k Gourd Clavicle Necklace

Hetian jade sheep fat jade 14k gourd clavicle necklace Support 🇨🇳 examination The fine jade with level one whiteness Simple atmosphere, unique Size: 12-22-5mm 支持🇨🇳复检 和田玉羊脂玉14k葫芦锁骨项链 玉质细腻 白度一级 简单大气 独一无二 尺寸:12-22-5mm

Hetian Jade Accessories

Support 🇨🇳 examination Hetian jade accessories Fine jade, fresh color Simple atmosphere, fashionable 支持🇨🇳复检 和田玉小配饰 玉质细腻 色泽清新 简单大气  款式新颖

Hetian jade bracelet 👋

Support 🇨🇳 examination Hetian jade bracelet Old pit material, spinach green Micro cat eyes 👀 excellent on hands 🤚 Size: 16mm 支持🇨🇳复检 和田玉碧玉手串 老坑料 菠菜绿 微猫眼上手效果极佳 尺寸:16mm

Hetian Jade Green Cat Eye Ring Face

Hetian jade green cat eye ring face Support 🇨🇳 quality examination Jade transparent, bright color Cat-eye effect flexible flashing Size: 19−21-11mm 支持🇨🇳复检 和田玉碧玉绿猫眼戒面 玉质通透 色泽艳丽 猫眼效应 灵活闪动 尺寸:19−21-11mm

Hetian Yubi Jade Cross

Hetian Biyu jade cross Support China Reexamination Jade is warm and lustrous Exquisite craftsmanship Craftsmanship, simple atmosphere Size: 21-41-5 mm Weight: 5g 和田玉碧玉十字架 支持中国复检 玉质温润 色泽艳丽 工艺精湛 色泽艳丽 工艺精湛 简单大气 尺寸:21-41-5 mm 重量: 5G

Hetian jade sheep fat jade bracelet

Hetian jade sheep fat jade bracelet Support China Reexamination Exquisite jade Strip perfect, simple atmosphere Circle: 57.5mm 和田玉羊脂玉手镯 支持中国复检 玉质细腻 百度一级 条形完美 简单大气 圈口:57.5mm

Hetian Jade With Magnolia Flower Shape

Support 🇨🇳 quality inspection Hetian jade and terminal sugar magnolia Fine jade, bright color Simple atmosphere Size: 16-34-11mm 支持🇨🇳质检 和田玉且末糖玉兰花 玉质细腻 色泽艳丽 简单大气 寓意吉祥 尺寸:16-34-11mm